I have loved and used herbs since I was a kid, first for their scents, then for their flavor. In more recent years I have studied herbs and weeds for medicine, nutrition, and just all around better health. I'm thrilled that Stone's Throw Farm is including them in the shares. How do you cook with lavender? I use it in some of my favorite and most requested recipes. What can you do with a whole lot of zucchini? A hint: basil plays a big role.

I don't always measure things in my recipes. Fresh herbs are different than dried, too much rain (like this summer) can change the taste of herbs and vegetables. Many times I will bite a small piece of whatever herb I'm contemplating so I can gauge its potency and freshness and, more importantly, if it really appeals to me at that moment. You will find, if you use herbs regularly, that what tastes good to you has the properties your body needs at a given time. It's almost a meditation for me. And always an adventure.