About Stone's Throw Farm

Stones Throw Farm is located only minutes south of Syracuse, outside the Village of South Onondaga.

A “Stones Throw” from anyplace in Central New York.

We use ecological and sustainable growing practices, and we’re a proud member and supporter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York - Farmers Pledge program.

Stones Throw Farm grows a diverse array of specialty vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Our farm is situated on Palmyra Gravel Loam soils. These mineral rich glacial soils drain well, dry early and are full of stones for throwing into the hedgerow. These soils combined with judicious use of compost and organic matter, cover-cropping and crop rotation help to produce vegetables and herbs that are extremely flavorful and nutritious.

Although we have been growing vegetables for quite a few years, it wasn't until 2003 that we were able to purchase property of our own and set permanent roots in South Onondaga and the Central New York community.

We spent a majority of 2004 building our home and in 2005 officially founded Stones Throw Farm. The farms development is and will be ongoing. This is a life long project and passion.

We've been hard at work building the farms production capacity and infrastructure. We are driven by our core values of; Quality, Value, and Sustainability.

In addition to building our long term capacity, and producing goods for our CSA Program, Stones Throw Farm has been involved in on-farm research programs that improve the knowledge base, understanding and implementation of sustainable growing practices.

During the 2006 and 2007 season we conducted soil health research in conjunction with a mini-grant from the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education Foundation and The Cornell Soil Health Program Work Team.

We appreciate your interest and support and invite you to visit this site for updates and information.

If you have any questions about the farm or our CSA Program please contact us.