Social Media

We encourage you to follow us and engage with the farm on Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook feed is available at the bottom left of our home page (it is public and accessible even without a personal Facebook account) and/or you can link to either directly in the footer on any of our web pages. Social media is a great way for us to post pictures, quick updates and brief farm narratives. Our seasonal farm events, on-farm cooking demonstrations and current and future happenings are always posted on our social media feed.

Additionally, we post each CSA Share’s contents as a photo on our Facebook page and have done so for a number of years. Are you considering a CSA share? You can view directly what we’ve had available throughout the various weeks of our CSA season. Already a CSA member? During the season you can get an idea of what’s on tap for the week and plan your meals accordingly.

Farm News

Farm News is a new section we’re launching on our updated website. You can navigate to Farm News in the top menu bar and/or view the most recent posts at the bottom of our home page. We will update this section with the most recent announcements and info. The format of Farm News is really pretty cool. You can click on any post and read that post. You’ll also then see keyword “Tags” to the right on many browsers and the bottom on most mobile devices. We will “tag” news with appropriate key words. This will allow you to navigate to any stories containing that tag. For instance we may post Recipes, Events, How We Farm info, CSA info, etc. You can easily navigate old stories or view new ones under Farm News.

Other Markets

We primarily grow for our CSA programs. Over 95% of our production goes directly to our CSA members! However, on occasion we may have excess crops available during the season that are available for direct sale. Do you can or freeze produce? Are you planning a special event and need vegetables, herbs, or flowers? We may be able to help – give us a call!

Furthermore, with advance planning we may be able to custom grow for your restaurant or business. We have a long history of growing specialty vegetables and have developed meaningful direct wholesale relationships with some of the first and finest chefs engaged in the CNY farm-to-table movement. We’d love to talk with you about your interests and needs so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What's the Buzz?

For many years we have happily hosted hives from our friends at Lee’s Bees. We’ve greatly appreciated the opportunity to host honey bees at the farm and we have learned a great deal about bee keeping and the art of producing amazing artisanal honey. We’re excited to announce that we’re taking over the reigns of the bee business beginning in 2018. We look forward to continuing to keep honey bees here at Stones Throw Farm and will begin producing our own artisanal honey and bee products later this year. Our artisanal honey and bee products will be available retail from the farm, via direct order and through select local businesses soon. We anticipate creating a “bee page” soon so check back often for updates.