Farming Since 2005

Located in South Onondaga we’re just a “stone’s throw” from most CNY communities. We’re conveniently located just a short drive from Syracuse, Skaneateles, Marcellus, J-D, F-M, Lafayette, Tully, Camillus and most of CNY.

We use ecological and sustainable growing practices, and we’re a proud member and supporter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York.

Stones Throw Farm grows a diverse array of specialty vegetables, herbs, and flowers for our CSA Programs and a few select wholesale accounts.

In addition, we are beekeepers producing artisanal honey, we raise a small assortment of bramble and tree fruit, and we keep a flock of laying hens that are fed local organic grain.

Our farm is situated on Palmyra Gravel Loam soils. These mineral rich glacial soils drain well, dry early and are full of stones for throwing into the hedgerow. Healthy, biologically vibrant soils, are the foundation of our farm. Our sustainable “soil-centric” approach to food production produces vegetables and herbs that are extremely flavorful and nutritious!

Sustainable Farming at Stones Throw Farm

Our Farming Philosophy

Our farming philosophy is rooted in the idea that healthy soil produces healthy crops, which support the health of the consumer.

The foundation of our farming system is based on promoting and maintaining a healthy and vibrant soil ecosystem. Fundamentally soils consist of three primary components; physical, chemical, and biological. Each of these components overlap in complex and intricate ways that ultimately affect overall soil quality, and each must be considered when developing a sustainable farming system.

When we farm with soil health in mind and take a soil-centric approach to crop production, we move away from the dominant paradigm of fertilizing to feed the crop needs, and instead embrace the concept of feeding the soil. A healthy vibrant soil will ultimately feed the crop and it will do so in a fashion that enhances overall plant health. A truly healthy plant that has its nutrient and micro-nutrient needs met and is well rooted in a biologically active soil with optimum tilth and moisture levels, will have increased resistance to pest and disease pressure and will produce a crop that is more flavorful and nutritious.

Our soil is our foundation. Our soil is our future.

How We Farm

Here at Stones Throw Farm we utilize sustainable and ecological growing practices to produce food that is nutritious, delicious and safe. We have never, nor will we ever, utilize synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm.

Our fertility program is based on promoting soil health, applying organic nutrients, and extensive cover cropping as a soil building tool.

Our weed-control program is based on mechanical cultivation and hand weeding with an assortment of specialized tools, weed-seed bank management, and mulching.

Our pest and disease management is based on promoting natural plant defenses and biological resistance by growing healthy plants in healthy soil. As needed our direct pest and disease management program is based on foliar applications of micro-nutrients and biological stimulants to promote natural plant resistance, foliar application of natural mineral and/or biologically based fungicides or pesticides(all approved for Organic use), pest exclusion via the use of protective row covers, trap-cropping, and the promotion and maintenance of beneficial predatory insect populations via managed and natural bio-habitats.

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NOFA-NY Member and Supporter

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) was founded in 1983 to help serve the organic and sustainable food and farming community. NOFA-NY is responsible for educational programming, organizational work, and lobbying efforts across the sustainable and organic farming sector. We have been a NOFA-NY member since the late 1990's and encourage you to learn more about membership in this important organization.

To learn more about NOFA-NY click here.